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La Paz at night   Luis Dorn 
You are in: La Paz
La Paz

 La Paz quite literally takes your breath away but not only because of its high-altitude location but also because of its stunning location in a bowl fashioned among the Andes. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, iron-rich red hills and grotesque sandstone formations this capital city is rich in geographical contrasts and economic disparities. It is to here that migrants flood in search of a better income and find themselves overwhelmed by noise, wealth and the ensuing chaos of an unplanned city. La Paz is a feast for your eyes; while children play happily in their mother’s voluminous skirts at her stall selling absolutely everything, the teachers are protesting in the road; politicians in the latest 4WDs hurtle by escorted by police on motorbikes powered by petrol the enforcers of law and order can not afford; we sit watching the world go by drinking imported coffee for U$1.50 a cup while the football fans cheer on their national team and drink their Bolivian coffee for less than 20 cents a steaming, sugary cup.

Ann Dowle

 ...to visit La Paz
1) Now you can sing "I'm up on top of the world looking down on creation" 
2) Little kiosks on every corner selling everything you need  
3) The world's highest ski-slope, highest navigable lake, highest café, highest golf course ... 
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La Paz, Bolivia

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