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River Beni, Rurrenabaque   Alain Mesili 
You are in: Rurrenabaque

 Rurrenabaque is quiet and relaxed -everything that a sleepy South American town should be- and well worth a short visit before or after an Amazonian excursion. There are numerous cafes that offer jungle and river scenery to go along with their good food and at night, bars and karaoke clubs cater to a harmonious mix of both locals and gringos. I didn’t find as much as I’d hoped for in the way of artisan souvenirs to shop for, so be sure to pack a book and find a hostel offering hammocks, as this was the best way to spend a lazy afternoon in Rurrenabaque. For those of you not too tired from your adventures in the Amazon, the nearby mountains offer more hiking opportunities that can be taken independently.


Jason  Meek

3 GOOD REASONS visit Rurrenabaque
1) Chalalan Ecolodge, jungle and pampas tours 
2) Tacana rock paintings at Mount Brujo 
3) Back from Tuichi - Yossi Ghinsberg  
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Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

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